Best 7 Ways To Earn Money Online

A blog list where you submit your article and earn money online in BD:


Then I wrote an article related to the books and to buy them directly, I added those links in the post. Now, a reader liked the post and buys them by clicking on my provided link. You have generated one more sell for my marketing, so you will reward me by giving a little profit share. And this is the total affiliate marketing procedure.

To start online income BD by affiliate marketing you have to choose a site where affiliation is open. Now Daraz, BDSHOP, Bohubrihi, And many other Domain Hosting seller sites like Diana host, Exon host, hosting Bangladesh is offering affiliate marketing.

After selecting an Affiliate site or platform, you have to look at your traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you will earn zero takas at the end of the month. Affiliate sites will not reward you unless you generate sell. And the more you have traffic the more chance has to generate sales. visit

You can choose YouTube, Facebook, Blog or any other platform to grab your traffic.

  1. Online income BD by Blogging
    Online income BD by BloggingYou have already read the term blog. But what is a blog?

A blog is a place where you can write yourself to teach, express personal opinions or share knowledge, tips and tricks. In a word, the blog is a digital public diary where we can write and anyone can access them to read and learn from.

There are lots of Content management systems (CMS) that help us to start a blog in a minute such as WordPress, Blogger, etc.

From Bangladesh, according to me, it’s the very best idea to start logging which offers us to earn money online from home.

Do you know, you are now reading a blog post and pratiborton itself a blog!

You must visit prothomalo, KalerKantha or many other popular sites, you may be amazed after knowing that all nothing but blogs. So how to start blogging, is a different thing, but I can promise you it’s not so tough.

A popular blog earns from various sources, such as Local ads, Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, Advertisement from an agency (such as Google Adsense, Media, Propeller Ads) etc. Also Visit

Now Google Adsense send the publisher income through the online bank, and you can transfer them to your bKash account easily.

  1. Online income BD by YouTube
    Online income BD with YoutubeYouTube and blog are almost the same but content types are different. YouTube required video content and a blog based on mainly written content.

A YouTuber can earn in every way that a blogger can. So by starting a YouTube channel you can grab your traffic and convert it to passive income.

  1. Online income BD with Facebook
    Online income with facebook businessFacebook! It must not require to introduce, right? We use it to waste most of the valuable time of our life nowadays. But, do you know it can be beneficial for us? Can you imagine we can earn a lot of money with Facebook?

There are lots of review groups, especially food bloggers groups where publishers need to pay for getting approval for their posts.

Not only that, Facebook instant articles, Facebook videos, and Facebook Business are also the way to earn from Facebook.

You can post your affiliated products and links to generate sell, promote your business and even start your service or Facebook business too.

Many men and women are earning a lot of money with the Facebook business. You may notice, that your Facebook friends upload photos and videos on their profiles and story to generate sales.

So, there are lots of ways, but you have to find one which is the best to earn online income in BD with Facebook for you.

  1. online income by selling photos
    online income by selling photosDo you love photography? Why don’t you start making money online by selling them?

Numerous stock photo sites are online where you can create an account and upload your photos. By uploading, you will get free cloud storage for your photos, they will preserve in full resolution, so your photos will not be lost. Moreover, if you get some great shots, your photos should be sold. Not only a single time, but a single photo can also be sold multiple times, and you will get your share too.

Some famous photo selling sites are:

Adobe stock
Last word on online income BD bKash payment
So, what did you learn from this article on online income BD bKash payment? We have mentioned 7 different types of ways to earn money from home and also mentioned best online earning site in Bangladesh.

Yes, there are many more ways for online income, but these 7 ways of online income will neither be so tough not be required any heavy skills.

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